Challenge week

From the beginning of Ark Oval in 2012, Ms. Rutherford had a drive and passion to showcase the children’s understanding of their topic work through cross-curricular links.
Challenge Week
Throughout the last week of each term, all pupils are set age-appropriate tasks to produce a piece of work that showcases knowledge and understanding of their studied topic. This is known throughout the school as Challenge Week.
During Challenge Week pupils are expected to work in groups, teams or pairs to present a project based on the theme of the term.  Teachers plan outcomes for each subject area. Discrete lessons in phonics and math's continue during this week. SEAL sessions focus on building team skills. Each member of the team is given a role and the pupils keep a learning journey throughout the week. At the end of the week, pupils must be given the opportunity to reflect on their participation in challenge week.  Pupils are expected to produce at least 2 written pieces and present their project to an audience. Children are also given the opportunity to explore enterprising projects that link to specific themes.
The work children produce is undertaken through a range of mediums and is designed to show the full use of all our SPIRIT values.
Presentation mediums include:
  • Exhibitions
  • Videos
  • Photo log
  • Practical Work
  • Assemblies
  • Displays
  • Books
  • Art Work