School day and Term dates

The School day

The school day runs from:

8:30am   -   3:30pm Monday to Friday


The Nursery day runs from:

AM Session

8:30am   -   11:30am Monday to Friday

PM Session

12:30pm   -  3:30pm Monday to Friday


All day sessions run 8.30am - 3.30pm Monday to Friday (as of January 2018)


The School Office is open from:

8.15am  -  4.15pm.

If you wish to report your child absent from school please contact us on 0208 688 3000 and Press 1 to leave a message.


Dismissal Arrangements for Wet Conditions:

Potter (2) and Rosen (2) classes are dismissed from the door opposite the music room with parents waiting in the playground there.

Zephaniah (2) and Lovelace (4) are dismissed from the main door of the old building.

Hawkins (4) and Darwin (4) are dismissed form the main building stairwell (up to the Y4 classes).

Y1 and 3 dismissal from the hall.


Term Dates 2017 - 2018


Term Dates 2018 - 2019    

2018 2019 Ark Oval Term Dates.pdf

DRAFT Term Dates 2019 - 2020 (Once confirmed a revised version will be uploaded)

Ark Oval term dates 19-20.pdf

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