We provide a rich curriculum, stimulating new interests and enhancing children's learning experiences. We will invite professional artists, actors, writers and musicians into school and offer a range of trips and events to stimulate learning and broaden pupils’ interests and experience.


"Music has become a big part of life at Ark Oval and the children enjoy music making at every opportunity.

This is magnificently captured when pupils sing our school song" 'What have you done today, to make you feel proud?'- Ms David  Music Lead

At Ark Oval, all children have the opportunity to develop their musical skills through instrumental and vocal lessons. Early years and Key stage 1, start their musical career focusing on their use of voice. Throughout this curriculum children are able to explore the sounds they can make with their voices and their bodies, they learn a variety of songs and by the end of year 2; children start to look at the formal written notation of music.

In key stage 2, all children have the opportunity to play an instrument in a weekly lesson. Years 3 and 4 have Samba classes whilst years 5 and 6 learn to play the Ukulele. There are also weekly music assemblies, where children learn new songs and enjoy the time to collaborate as a whole key stage.

Our annual Music Gala is a highlight in our school calendar: a celebration of music from across the network, it’s an opportunity for students of all ages and abilities to perform on stage in front of a select audience of parents, teachers and invited guests.

Held in the hallowed Main Auditorium in London’s Barbican Centre, the Gala is in its sixth year and features more than 500 students performing pieces that they have been working on throughout the year.

Highlights can be seen of the 2014 Gala here with our children featuring from 0:50s to 1:12s and 2:00s respectively


"Some pupils may only have one small line but for them, that line means the world. 

Drama is a great addition to our Primary curriculum and an opportunity for pupils to begin to understand that, all the world is a stage.”- MS Hall  PPA Teacher

"Drama where everyone is given the opportunity to be a star. "- MS Hellicar  Drama Teacher

We are in a unique position to be able to offer Drama as part of our curriculum.  All pupils from Year 1 to Year 6 have a Drama session once a week.  During these sessions, pupils practise a range of skills that support their learning in other areas of the curriculum.

Pupils also practise important life skills such as working together in groups and solving problems together.  Pupils have the opportunity to improve their communication skills through developing their confidence and learning to express themselves in a variety of ways. 

This is extremely valuable for pupils in all areas of the curriculum and the benefits can be seen when pupils, who are normally reluctant to speak, take part in whole class discussions and when pupils can confidently and clearly express their ideas and opinions during  debating sessions. 

All pupils also get the amazing opportunity to be a part of a production once a year. From Nativities for Key Stage 1 to working with Shakespearean texts and ‘workshop’ productions based around our school values for Years 3, 4 and 5 to full scale all-singing, all-dancing productions in Year 6.

Pupils love being a part of a show and learn so much about our school values, especially Perseverance, during the rehearsal and preparation stage of the production.