Family Seal

Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL)

“I found the Family SEAL sessions to be really helpful in understanding how my children are feeling in certain situations."- PARENT

Family SEAL is designed to make explicit links between the support parents and carers provide their children when they are developing the social, emotional and behavioural skills and school based work.

Family SEAL is about collaboration and sharing ideas with recognition and respect for the beliefs and values of the participants while understanding that a child will need certain skills if he or she is to cope with the complexity of the social environment of the school. REF: Primary National Strategy

Family SEAL is about working together and sharing ideas to help children gain the skills they need to cope with the social aspects of school, and life outside of school such as:

  • understanding another’s point of view
  • working in a group
  • sticking at things when they get difficult
  • managing worries

There are 7 weekly workshops lasting 2 hours each, followed by a farewell party.

What happens in the group?

“I really enjoyed working with my Mum doing the fun things, especially making the positivity bank and using it at home.”- PUPIL

The 7 workshops are spilt into 2 parts:

  • Part 1 - Parents and Carers meet to discuss theme for the week.


  • Part 2 - Parents and Carers are joined by their children and spend this time doing an activity together.
How Ark Oval helps

"I loved the one to one time we spent together and it made me feel closer to them.

I also enjoyed the social aspect of Family SEAL and the way I could interact with other parents. There were some real bonds of friendship formed as a result of Family SEAL.”- PARENT

Our trained staff work with parents to help children transfer the skills they are learning in school into the home and outside environment. During the course of the workshops we work develop their understanding of;

  • How to deal with their emotions. RESPECT
  • How to empathise and interact with one or another. THANKFULNESS
  • How to build and maintain a friendship with their peers. INDEPENDANCE
  • How to set Smart targets. SCHOLARSHIP
  • Having high expectations and at all times for themselves. PERSEVERANCE

The overall impact is aimed to establish a strong partnership between child, parent, community and the school.

Any questions?
You are welcome to talk to your SEAL programme Project Managers; either face-to-face or via telephone or email.

At Ark Oval Primary Academy, our School Project Manager are Ms Saliasi and Ms Whitehurst.
Days in school: Monday to Fridays (9.00am-4.00pm)
Contact: School phone number or ask for Ms Saliasi or Ms Whitehurst at the front desk.