Head Girls and Head Boys

Our Head Girls and Head Boys hold the responsibility to be the upmost example of our school SPIRIT. Students wanting to be considered are asked to put a presentation together underlining what would make them the best pupil representatives of Ark Oval and what value they would add to the position. They then present this to their peers, teachers and school council and ballots are taken in a fair democratic process.

The Head Boy position means the world to me and having to persevere everyday to be good role model is a great responsibility. Brandon   Head Boy

We have gained so much confidence and independence since we became Head Girls.

we have tried to help as many pupils stick to our SPIRIT value and will continue to do so. Sewa and Sara   Head Girls

Each year we elect 2 Head Girls and 2 Head Boys with their duties involving:

  • Being a role model of SPIRIT values at all times
  • Greeting formal visitors to the school promoting respect and Independence
  • Providing guided tours for perspective parents and students promoting Scholarship
  • Be smartly dressed and presentable continually promoting Respect


Student Council

It is the student councils responsibility to be the pupil voice of Ark Oval Primary Academy.

The role of the Student Council is to:

  • Present a chance for pupils to express their views and compose proposals relating to various aspects of life at school
  • Promote Independence by debating matters significant to Ark Oval and inspiring proposals from the pupils
  • Put forward a chance for all pupils to voice their opinions on Perseverance and proposed changes thereby playing a very significant role in improving our school .
  • Promoting Integrity by performing as an avenue of communication in the Academy, among pupils and educators
  • Promote pupils, and parents, to arrange events central to the Academy life
  • Prepare fund raising opportunities for charities fulfilling the SPIRIT value of Thankfulness


Class Ambassadors

Each of Ark Oval classes have an Ambassador who will introduce themselves to school guests, describe their responsibility and talk about the objective of the learning that is taking place in the class. The Ambassador will guide guests throughout the class, show them work and learning taking place plus discussing the targets and displays making guests feel welcome.

Class Ambassadors are chosen as they truly represent what our SPIRIT values mean and are always Striving for Excellence.