At Ark Oval we are passionate about ensuring every child fulfils their potential and becomes an all-around exceptional citizen with the skills to succeed in life.

Ark Schools stand for:

  • More time for teaching
  • Depth and breadth
  • Knowing every child
  • Exemplary behaviour
  • High expectations
  • Excellent Teaching

The Ark Oval Primary Academy mission statement is:

"To begin the journey to provide every pupil with the opportunity to go on to university or pursue the career of their choice."

Through our motto Striving for Excellence, we aim to ensure that children, parents and staff all maximise their full potential. Every day we are committed to embracing our core values, encouraging everyone to be the best that they can possibly be and helping each other every step of the way. Our core Values are:


Be Resilient  Be Honest  Be Brave  Be Respectful and

Aim High


Our pupils start each day with our school song which encapsulates our Vision and Values and brings them to life:


Here I stand with my sisters and brothers,

In a day full of opportunity;

And the choices I make,

All the challenges I face,

Will help me learn who I want to be.


So I’m gonna be brave,

With the courage of a lion.

I’ll never give up,

If things don’t go my way.

Respect and honesty begin with me

And I’m gonna aim high,

Gonna reach for the sky.

I have the power in me,

To change the world I see,

For the better

Striving for Excellence

If children are brave and willing to take risks to improve, to learn new things and to embrace new experiences, they will be resilient and equipped to deal with life and to be both successful and happy. We are committed to the service of young people and to helping them play their full part in society. We will do whatever it takes to provide all children with the skills and knowledge to attend university or to follow an appropriate career path of their choice.

In light of this, we aim to:

• Provide a secure and safe learning environment where children can develop within a rich and varied curriculum. 

• Provide every pupil with the skills, self-belief and motivation to be successful in their learning and lives.

• Welcome, value and respect all who come to the school.

• Build a community based on justice and a sense of personal responsibility.

• Provide opportunities for all to challenge themselves and others in order that they may develop themselves and others and in doing so, make their mark on the world they live in. Ensuring all have the knowledge, skills, experiences and character to be full functioning and fullfilled members of our society and contribute meaningfully to the local community. 

• Promote dialogue and co-operation with the wider community.