Year 2 SATs

key stage one tests

The Key Stage 1 tests and tasks are taken in Year 2 and the results are used to inform teacher assessment. Your child won’t be tested on anything that hasn’t been covered by the national curriculum in the previous two years. In some cases the tasks will be part of normal classroom work and your child may not even know that they are being assessed.

English Your child will be assessed in three areas in their key stage 1 English tests: 

  • Reading  
  • Writing
  •  Spelling

Reading: This will be assessed by either a test or task. The task involves the child reading to the teacher from a book and answering questions orally. This will assess your child’s understanding of the story. The test involves reading a story and answering written questions that assess your child’s understanding of the story. The reading test can be taken individually, in a group or as a class. The teacher will decide which is most appropriate.  

Writing: The assessment involves assessing the work the children have achieved throughout the year.  The chlidren's spelling and handwriting skills are also assessed as part of their writing grade. The children may also complete a writing task. 

Maths: Your child will sit a maths test that requires them to draw on their skills of using and applying maths. These skills include:

  • counting, reading and writing whole numbers up to 100, and putting them in order
  •  doubling numbers or halving them
  •  explaining how they solved a problem
  • being able to tell if numbers are odd or even.