At Ark Oval we deliver inspiring and diverse excursion activities to spark the children’s awareness of who they are and what they can achieve. We aim to broad their sense of the world around them through pursuits which both challenge the physical as well as their academic skills and abilities


"I believe that outdoor adventures and activities enable every child to achieve a little bit more independence and self- confidence.

This by encouraging group participation and also by challenging them both physically and mentally to persevere". -Ms Rocker

Year 4 and 5 have annual trips to Wide Horizons Margaret McMillan Wrotham house in Kent, where they are involved in an variety of outdoor activities in an over night stay. Firstly, they have a survival challenge where they need to find the equipment needed to survive in the woods by completing challenges and using map reading skills, before building a shelter and lighting a fire to cook on.

They have team Challenges where they conquer the low ropes and tyre challenge courses, putting into practice all their team skills and also have a barn social disco, movie night, sports activities, night walk and campfire.

Year 6 also have annual excursions to PGL adventure holidays or Bearswood that are designed to "inspire, motivate and challenge your pupils to raise aspirations, build their confidence and support their achievement. Each day brings a new adventure and the chance to try something new with the encouragement of their friends" REF PGL

Activities include; Climbing, Crate Staking, Archery, Zip line, Fencing, Quad bikes, Pedal Karts, Bungee Run, Raft building and sailing and can be seen here.