Ark Oval Primary Academy – News of the Week 20th - 24th Sep

Sunday 26 September 2021

Principal's Summary

Dear Parents and Carers,

Our week has drawn to a close with the highest of high points - we raised over £200.00 for McMillan cancer relief and over 500 pounds for Gene Research UK with jeans for genes. 

These charities have a clear and direct link to the school. The money raised will directly impact our community - the children we support facing genetic conditions and the families and staff who have and do, require the support of McMillan.

A thank you big enough cant be said for everyone who donated, supported and helped us do something genuinely good for the people of our community. 


LINE ETIQUETTE - Please respect each other and the requests of the school

Would you please use the entirety of the arrival window DONT all arrive at 1530 - we have cleared the line every day by 1535 - if you arrive at 1540, there is no line!

Respect the line - don't push in - if you are causing an issue in the line, you are compromising the safety of the academy community. We will take the matter seriously. 

Please move through the site quickly and not stop for social reasons or provide snacks or adjust clothing for your child. They can wait the 3 minutes until you are offsite; the people are waiting behind you in the line can not. 

COVID Plans:

Please ensure you inform us as quickly as possible if you keep your child out of school with suspected symptoms. Check with the school office if you are in any doubt about the new restrictions.


Attendance Champions

Seacole 97%+ - extra break time

Jeffers 98%+ - extra break time

All the above will get an extra break time to enjoy this week.


Achievers of the Week

The Coming Week (s)

Contact with staff 


Principal Q&A 

There is now a permanent link to this biweekly meeting on the home page of the website.  


Meet the Teacher 

We are keen to get any feedback from parents on the posted information. Zoom call follows up as a hybrid model for improving parent engagement and communication. We will be in contact this week for rearranging the Year 2 MTT 


National Poetry Day 

On Friday 1st October, the Academy celebrates National Poetry day with children being given a chance to learn, recite, perform and enjoy the creative medium of poetry, both classic and contemporary. It will be beneficial if you have time to teach your child a poem from any culture, methodology, or time. 


06.10.21 Year 6 Residential Meeting 

1930 via Zoom, please email 


07.10.21 Year 6 Trip - Mordon Hall Park 

As per our letter last week, Year 6 will be out on the 7th for a trip to Mordon Hall Park.


07.10.21 Inclusion Coffee Morning

We will be sending details out this week of the Inclusion Coffee morning. If you are interested, email: