Ark Oval Primary Academy – News of the Week 7th - 11th Sep

Sunday 13 September 2020

Principals Summary

Dear Parent and Carers,

This week has been a strange mix of one of the most challenging and rewarding I have ever had in my career. Making the school safe, ensuring that staff, pupils and parents were secure and looked after in this challenging situation has felt like an impossible mountain to climb in the face of ever-shifting advice. However, the gargantuan amount of work that the academy has poured into this has paid off. Bringing the children in this week and hearing about how excited they have been to return and reconnecting with the community at large has made a huge difference to us all as a staff. 

The efforts made from all parts of the school staff, parents and pupils to keep us all safe have been astounding and so far very successful. However, the cost of safety is vigilance - we must maintain the highest standards of mutual care to keep us all safe. Socially distance, maintain hygiene and observe the group limits. The infection rate has begun to climb, and year groups are closing in other schools across the borough. Our strength is the decision to respect each other and do what is right for the community, not just the individual. 


COVID Plans:

Massive thank out to all the parents who have shown such great patience this week. The reopening has been a mostly positive experience, and we have overcome a few early teething issues and are now into the swing of "normality." Particular thanks to the parents who joined the coffee morning via Zoom this week - it was immensely helpful to get your opinions and suggestions. If you want access to the full reopening document it:


CHANGES FOR MONDAY 14th September 

The entrance for Yr1/3 will change from two lines to an in/out system. This change is to limit double backing through the line as some parents had expressed concern.


Message from Governors 

Dear Parents and Carers

On behalf of the governing body, a warm welcome to you and your children as we start the new academic year.

You will be aware of the extensive precautions to keep you and your children safe in school. Please may I urge you to read Mr Martlew's newsletter very carefully and to follow his instructions.

It is vital that parents and carers follow the social distancing rules when dropping off children in the morning, and collecting at the end of school.

Please remember to wear your face mask and to keep your distance.

We need you to follow the rules in order to protect your children.

With best wishes.

Mrs A.Ewing 

Chair of Governors 


Attendance Champions

95.1% EXCELLENT start - let's get over 96!

Earning them an extra break time…

KS1&Reception: 97.2% DAHL CLASS Yr2 


Achievers of the Week

  Resilience  Aim High  Bravery Honesty  Respectfulness
Year 1 Asvine  Sahashita Keerath Alan Charlote
Year 2  Hayden  Lewis  Lorena  Kyle Bintou
Year 3  Richard Sharon Emili Ivan Yasmine 
Year 4 Harriet  Arya Isabella Ryan Aryan
Year 5  Neriya  Krish Sonny Filip Chase
Year 6  Keira Sahar Anwesha Rajan Razvan

House Point Champions 


Great job with the first weekly win - puts you right on track for the termly treat and all to play for in interhouse football in a few weeks!


Makaton Sign of the Week

Demonstrate the sign of the week for Mrs Desai and earn a Green Dojo!


The Coming Week (s)

Meet the Teacher Meetings

These videos will be published on the website and then follow up questions can be asked via the year group email system. 

Year 6 Library Night

More information will follow shortly - we are endeavouring to do this event in the safest way possible. It, however, may not be possible but we will alert you either way ASAP.

Reception Home Visits

These are continuing - however, they are hosted in school as opposed to visiting homes and all safety precautions including full space cleans are undertaken in-between visits.

McMillan Coffee Morning

This event will be postponed - we will be raising money for this worthy cause once we have best worked out how to do it safely! if anyone has any suggestions or is willing to help the school with such an event we are keen for any help on offer.  

Other Notices