Ark Oval Primary Academy: News of the Week 4th - 8th October 2021

Sunday 10 October 2021

Principal's Summary

Dear Parents and Carers,

This week was an affirmation. The harvest festival on Friday demonstrated the unbelievable kindness of our school community. 

Never before have we received such a massive response to an appeal, and there were some acts of unbelievable kindness. In a period where so many of us face tighter times, the compassion to provide just a little for those with nothing was humbling to see.

We had so much donated that one food bank could not accept it all into storage. We ended up in a relay of cars taking it to various local charities. 

Again thank you to everyone who contributed or supported the endeavour - you genuinely made a difference to our broader community.


APPEAL - we are struggling to find external club operators keen to offer an extracurricular club at Oval after half term. If anyone has any contacts or recommendations, we would be more than happy to have the information; please email directly with any information.


LINE ETIQUETTE - Please respect each other and the requests of the school

Would you please use the entirety of the arrival window DONT all arrive at 1530 - we have cleared the line every day by 1535 - if you arrive at 1540, there is no line!

Respect the line - don't push in - if you are causing an issue in the line, you are compromising the safety of the academy community. We will take the matter seriously. 

Please move through the site quickly and not stop for social reasons or provide snacks or adjust clothing for your child. They can wait the 3 minutes until you are offsite; the people are waiting behind you in the line can not. 


COVID Plans:

Please ensure you inform us as quickly as possible if you keep your child out of school with suspected symptoms. Check with the school office if you are in any doubt about the new restrictions.


Attendance Champions



All the above will get an extra break time to enjoy this week.


Achievers of the Week

The Coming Week (s)

Contact with staff

Principal Q&A 

There is now a permanent link to this biweekly meeting on the home page of the website.  

Meet the Teacher 

We are keen to get any feedback from parents on the posted information. Zoom call follows up as a hybrid model for improving parent engagement and communication. 


18.10.21 Year 6 Residential Meeting REBOOKED 

1930 via Zoom, please email 

Apologies for any inconvenience to anyone who booked a slot for the meeting. It seemed a waste of time telling you things were pending - we have now BOOKED a residential space for Yr6 at Hindleap Warren in Sussex in JANUARY. We will hold the meeting on 18th, and a follow letter before half term.

11.10.21 Reception Phonics Training 

Mrs Thomas has organised a Zoom session to induct Reception parents into our teaching of reading and how best to support their children. If you arent already aware of the details, please email 

11.10.21 Mental Health Week 

The Academy will be working in continued support of mental health issues this week. We take this incredibly seriously and offer a triage service to support pupil mental health needs going from ELSA first wave support and mentoring to 1-1 therapy and CBT.

11.10.21 Interfaith Week 

This week we will be learning about and respecting the many beliefs in the Academy. We are looking for families willing to share their practices and beliefs with classes.

15.10.21 Yr5 Library Night 

Meet Mrs Thomas by the library access door by the main gate for the library session - teachers, parents and children enjoying books together!

18-20.10.21 Inter-house Sports 

Every child in school is part of one of our three houses Pirum (Pear), Ceresus (Cherry) and Malum (Apple). This tournament will be three days of respectful but heated competition. We will be rewarding sportsmanship, endeavour, resilience and, of course, score.

21.10.21 Yr1 Library Night 

Meet Mrs Thomas by the library access door by the main gate for the library session - teachers, parents and children enjoying books together!