Ark Oval Primary Academy: News of the Week 8th - 12th November

Sunday 14 November 2021

Principal's Summary

Dear Parents and Carers, 

I am writing to you to provide details of the arrangements for some upcoming events.

Parent Consultations:

These will be held the week of the 22nd November. As we are still mindful of COVID protocols and the fluctuating numbers in the Borough, we will be giving parents the option of a hybrid approach.

1. Monday (22nd) and Friday (26th), we will be holding the meetings using MICROSOFT TEAMS - if you don't have Teams, this is a free app on Google Play and the Apple App store. 

2.     Wednesday(24th) and Thursday(25th), we will be hosting the rest of the meetings in person in the Dining Hall (where after school and breakfast club is). Access will be via the Kitchen gate (where you collect at the end of the day), and once the slot is complete, you will exit via the hall doors onto Cherry Orchard Rd.

Each slot is ten minutes for this initial meeting and will focus on settling and initial targets. You will need to email the year group inbox to arrange it with the teachers directly. Please remember that ongoing academic targets are found in the children's curriculum companion, regularly updated. 

All slots are on a first-come, first-served basis.

Winter Performances:

We have several Winter Performances booked in for the end of the Autumn Term: 

Nativity in Reception – W/C 13th December Yr1&2 Winter Music Festival – 13th December 

Yr3&4 Winter Music Festival – 14th December 

Yr5&6 Winter Music Festival – 15th December 

These events are traditionally heavily attended, and as they are inside, we feel that it poses a significant risk to the health of parents, pupils, and staff, and as such, we will be providing alternative options for parents to access these events. 

In previous years we have provided a recording of the performance on a USB stick. This will likely be the option we move forward with this year.

We will write to you with further details closer to the time. 

Thank you for your understanding in this matter and ongoing commitment to working with the Academy. Please remember to keep recording reading at home in the Curriculum Companions. They need to come to and from school every day. 

APPEAL - we are struggling to find external club operators keen to offer an extracurricular club at Oval after half term. If anyone has any contacts or recommendations, we would be more than happy to have the information; please email directly with any information.


LINE ETIQUETTE - Please respect each other and the requests of the school

Would you please use the entirety of the arrival window DONT all arrive at 1530 - we have cleared the line every day by 1535 - if you arrive at 1540, there is no line!

Respect the line - don't push in - if you are causing an issue in the line, you are compromising the safety of the academy community. We will take the matter seriously. 

Please move through the site quickly and not stop for social reasons or provide snacks or adjust clothing for your child. They can wait the 3 minutes until you are offsite; the people are waiting behind you in the line can not. 


COVID Plans:

Please ensure you inform us as quickly as possible if you keep your child out of school with suspected symptoms. Check with the school office if you are in any doubt about the new restrictions.


Attendance Champions

All the above will get an extra break time to enjoy this week.

Achievers of the Week

Principal Q&A 

There is now a permanent link to this biweekly meeting on the home page of the website.   

Next meeting 18th November 1930

Upcoming Events: