Ark Oval Primary Academy: Our Week 28th - 4th March 2022

Sunday 06 March 2022

Principal's Summary

Dear Parents and Carers, 

The academy finally appears to be moving on from the pandemic. Whilst the echoes of this period will loom large for many years; we are at least at the point where aspects of normality are returning. However, we must acknowledge another human tragedy before highlighting our objectives in the "post-pandemic" world. 

The academy has begun offering direct support to pupils concerned by or, involved with, the situation in Ukraine. It will be engaging with several charitable bodies to support the aid effort, communication will follow on this in the comming week. As we have Ukrainian, Russian, and a varity of other Eastern European, staff and pupils we will ask you to remember the academies commitment to, and expectation of, acceptance and diversity. Our part in this is to support those in need regardles of background or point of origin. 


Attendance Champions


Shackleton - Yr6 -  98% 
Carle - Yr2 - 98%

Achievers of the Week

The Coming Week (s)

Contact with staff


Principal Q&A 

There is now a permanent link to this biweekly meeting on the website's home page.  


Calendar Plans

We acknowledge the change in government COVID restrictions and the associated loosening of limitations. However, we will not be restarting the full calendar of events until after the Easter break. We will be republishing the up to date calendar before the break, but it should be mainly in line with the one found on our website 


Pokemon Cards/Toys 

These are not permitted in school and will be confiscated and returned at the end of the day. The academy takes no responsibility for anything brought to the academy against our instructions that is lost, stolen or damaged.


Smart Watches 

The academy fully favours children wearing analogue (hour and minute hands) watches, and we can even allow digital watches. We can not permit children to wear watches that play games, take photos, or play loud music on the hour every hour as we had this week. Again any watch worn in school is at the owner's risk.


Ark Start 

Ark Start Oval is about giving your child not only the start they need but the one they deserve.

We are a teacher-led Nursery based on the site of Ark Oval Primary.

The Nursery is open from 8 am-5 pm. We currently have spaces for 2-year-olds to start as soon as possible.

Call us on 0203 116 0778 or visit our website to know more about the Nursery.


Parent Consultations 

You will have had a letter regarding these - use the email addresses above to book your place!