Bronze medal for Ark Oval in maths competition 2016

Tuesday 08 March 2016

After the previous year 5 & 6 Ark Math's competition battle lines were draw again this time for year 3 & 4. Of the London primary schools in the network, the competition was attended by Globe, Swift, Conway, Ark Academy, Brunel, Atwood and Ark Oval hosting for the first time.

It was a great meet of 5 rounds, fiercely competed with extra points awarded by a round robin of educators for team work throughout. Oval who lead in the 3rd round eventually relinquished the lead to the overall winners Atwood who represented their school with great scholarship and perseverance.

We would like to thank all who participated in a friendly, vibrant atmosphere and would like to say a big well done to our own year 3 and 4 team for their bronze medal.