DEAR time a BIG hit across the academy

Sunday 01 December 2019

As part of the academies drive to increase reading proficiency as well as the pleasure for reading, we have joined the increasing number of schools delivering DEAR time. Drop Everything And Read time is a 20 minute session daily where the children are given the opportunity to be read to by their teacher a class novel which is there to model high fluency reading but also engage the children in a narrative that they will want to carry on and complete themselves.

There is significant educational research that supports that children who are read to as well as read with daily do significantly better. Not only in their reading but across the academic panorama as well as building closer and more positive bonds with the adults who invest this time in them. It is common for parent to read with younger children, but this tends to tail off as they get older. However, this session is equally, if not more, important for older children and our Yr6 cohort are amongst the most enthralled in the class narrative.

Children are allowed to relax and focus on the narrative during this time finding the best way to imerse themselves in the story. Feedback from staff and pupils about the impact this has on wellbeing as well as reading has been truly inspiring.