Our Week - 11th -15th November 2019

Friday 15 November 2019

Ark Oval Primary Academy – News of the Week

Principals Summary

Dear Parents and Carers,

This week the academy marked an important part of its calendar. As a school we have a tangible and important link to the act of remembrance, the school is an old school and is proud to be one of the only schools in existence with its own dedicated war memorial. The bitter sweetness of this is the 63 names on that wall mark the near unbearable sacrifice of the community the school served. Upon our wall there are three sets of brothers, relatives of current staff and ages from the very youngest teens to established men of the community, this makes the 11th a poignant and important part of our school calendar. We are proud of those who served and went to both world wars and have served since, and commemorate those who never returned. In particular we ensure that this is kept real with two important portraits that attract attention from the children this time of year. In our dinning hall hangs the portrait of 2Lt Sydney Beamont a former headteacher killed in action 1918 and the namesake of the newer of our two buildings and in our library is Sgt Stanley Creek former pupil and teacher who was killed on the Somme in 1916 and the namesake of our library. The children have always been drawn to these faces from the past and at this time of year they respect and acknowldege the stories and sacrafice that these men made.

As we have service personel past and present among our staff, parents and wider families I can say with all honesty they, along with all those on our memorial, would be truly proud of the respect the children paid this occassion this week. They were a credit to you all.

Attendance Champions

WHOLE SCHOOL ATTENDANCE: 96.9 (-0.1% on last week / +1.1% on National :))

Earning them an extra break time…

KS1&Reception: Zephaniah – 97.9%

KS2: Einstein – 99.7%


Punctuality Champions

Earning them an extra break time…

KS1&Reception: Fiennes, Polo, Bloom, Dahl

KS2: Brunel, Pankhurst


Achievers of the Week


Be Brave

Be Resilient

Be Respectful

Be Honest

Aim High












































Dojo Champions – Exceptional Behaviour and Manners

Winning the Dojo Award for the week

KS1&Reception: Oliwia 63 Dojos ZEPHANIAH

KS2: Milo 53 Dojos WRIGHT

Makaton Sign of the Week

Demonstrate the sign of the week for Mrs Desai and earn a Green Dojo!

Our Week

School Dinner Choices

Please note that children should be signing up for meal choices on a half termly basis. This means that if they choose school dinner this is the choice for the entire half term there is to be no swapping to and fro with packed lunches. Equally if children sign up for packed lunch again this is a half termly choice they cannot revert to School Dinner or chop and change within the week not even just for Fridays. As you can appreciate this is so that we know what the numbers will be for catering purposes.

Therefore the Dinner register that is taken on Monday 28TH October will be the choice made until the 20th December. A new Dinner register will be taken for January to half term in February.

Parent Association Meeting

Many thanks to the parents who attended the first prospective members meeting this week – the next meeting will be held on TUESDAY NOVEMBER 12th, 1900 in the library – ready for finalisation and a launch in January

There have been some requests for additional information regarding the content of this meeting and the content of the forth coming meeting. Both are the same - they will outline the areas of responsibility of a PTA, set the scope of the actions that will be undertaken by the PTA and set a clear timeline for implementation.


The academy enjoyed more brilliant experiences and trips this week – most notably Year 5 had a great time experiencing a rich and interesting musical experience with the Roma Voice Choir at Fairfield Halls. With upcoming trips to cinemas, Morden Hall Park, Churches and further afield it is clear that we put experiential learning at the very heart of our learning.

The Coming Week (s)

General Election

Please take note the academy is now going to be CLOSED on the 12th December as a polling station – the nativity and yr5/6 Winter Music festival and the 3rd Nativity show will take place on the 13th DECEMBER.

Open Afternoons

Please joining the academy this week 1400-1430 to come and enjoy our afternoon learning each day.





Pupil Parliament

In an echo of the larger political movements in the country the academy will be asking the pupils to go to the polls next week and elect a member of parliament for their class. Any children interested in becoming the Member of Parliament for their class will be expected to have produced a three point manifesto, speak to their class on why they should be elected and attend regularly parliamentary sessions in school to debate the topics they care about most with the school leadership.

Remembrance Assembly

On the 11th November the academy will be marking the remembrance of all those who were lost in both World Wars and since. The academy encourages the wearing of poppies to mark this event but would ask that they are not secured using pins as this can present a health and safety issue.


The academy uniform has been steadily improving thought the first half term. It is noticeable this has declined in this first week back. Please make sure that school shoes, ties and uniform is consistent. We are professional in our attire, learning and conduct.

Other Notices

Local Football

Eversley Rangers FC are looking for boys and girls to join their u9 team (Y3 & 4). They play in the Tandridge League, train on a Saturday with their matches on a Sunday. If anyone is interested please pop along to a Saturday training session - 1000 at Harvington Playing Fields, South Eden Park Avenue, Beckenham, BR3 3AT. Or call Amanda on 07981 741 929.