Our Week 14th - 18th September 2020

Sunday 20 September 2020

Principals Summary

Dear Parent and Carers,

This is a BIG week - in gloriously non-COVID news this week we are welcoming the new reception classes in this week. A new chapter for Oval has begun as we guide a new generation into the school and receive a new cadre of parents into our community. 

I know you will offer them the warmest of Oval welcomes and ensure that they have the opportunity to learn from you as experienced Ovalites. However, also let's listen with open ears and minds to what fresh eyes and thinking can bring to us as a school. 

In other internal news im sure by now, you are aware of the new house system in school with every child assigned to one of three houses. I want to make clear that this vast project was, from concept to delivery, the work of last years Pupil Parliament. With only very minor steering they decided the number of the houses, names, colours and policies for siblings, staff and calendar. This was an outstanding achievement and showed you the power of a democratically elected group motivated for the development of the community could do. Be proud of our children for what they have achieved.

The pathway - a few parents, have come to see me about the condition of the path - we are well aware of the disgusting nature of the path. We have dragged local councillors through to see the state of it. However, the pathway remains not in the ownership nor jurisdiction of the school - please support our efforts to get a regular monitoring service by complaining frequently and loudly to the council via their various litter monitoring apps and every time you see them.


COVID Plans:

Massive thank out to all the parents who have shown such great patience this week. The reopening has been a mostly positive experience, and we have overcome a few early teething issues and are now into the swing of "normality." Particular thanks to the parents who joined the coffee morning via Zoom last week - it was immensely helpful to get your opinions and suggestions. If you want access to the full reopening document it: https://arkovalprimary.org/news/hello-videos-september-re-opening-handbo...  


CHANGES FOR MONDAY 14th September 

The entrance for Yr1/3 will change from two lines to an in/out system. This change is to limit double backing through the line as some parents had expressed concern.

Attendance Champions

92.1% Not quite as good as last week but almost everyone who is off has a legitimate reason to be - be safe and let us know! Just be aware as we enter cold and flu season COVID 19 is VERY VERY RARELY accompanied by a runny nose. If you have a runny nose its highly unlikely yu have COVID

Earning them an extra break time…

KS1&Reception: Zephaniah 98.5%

KS2: Maathai 96.7%


Achievers of the Week

  Respect  Resilience  Bravery  Honesty  Aiming High 
Year 1  Ali James  Nabhanyu Omari Eleanor
Year 2  Darius  Alae Ellis  Boubacar Ryan 
Year 3 Shakarn Frankie Leonardo Myles Oliwia 
Year 4 Samuel Sanuska Tamir Matteo  Janelle
Year 5 Esa Luke Jorge Daisy S Kymarian
Year 6  Medina Sohani Syam Jonathan  Aiden



House Point Champions 



Makaton Sign of the Week

Demonstrate the sign of the week for Mrs Desai and earn a Green Dojo!


The Coming Week (s)

Meet the Teacher Meetings

These videos will be published on the website and then follow up questions can be asked via the year group email system. 








World Fitness Day: Wednesday 23rd September 

On Wednesday, please make sure the non-uniform day is SPORTS FRIENDLY. Every child in the school will be running a mile and participating in a sporting activity exploring physical, emotional and mental health and wellbeing.

Year 5/6 Library Night

Apologies this was a bridge too far for us last week, and we are wracking our brains for how to make this work - anyone with suggestions let us know!

Reception Home Visits

These are continuing - however, they are hosted in school as opposed to visiting homes and all safety precautions including full space cleans are undertaken in-between visits.

McMillan Coffee Morning

This event was postponed - we will be raising money for this worthy cause once we have best worked out how to do it safely! If anyone has any suggestions or is willing to help the school with such an event we are keen for any help on offer.