Our Week - 20-24th January 2020

Sunday 26 January 2020

Ark Oval Primary Academy – News of the Week

Principals Summary

Dear Parents and Carers,

PARENT FORUM NOTES – 23rd January 2020 08:35

Standard Agenda Items:


The Academy currently has a full staffed teaching quota, for the first time in many years no staff left at Christmas, this is reflective of the work done at the Academy ensuring a positive and supportive staff environment, accessible leadership and a focus on welfare and wellbeing.

Plans and Planning:

Work on the addition of the nursery proceeds as planned, from the last update the site is now planned and secured. Demolition of the existing nursery building and the currently rarely used pavilion will take place over the Easter break and the final build to be completed in the summer break. The entrance to the nursery will be via Cherry Orchard road and will necessitate some remodelling of the front of the academy. The academy will also be using this as an opportunity to again review accessibility and security arrangements and is reviewing the viability of the current Oval Road entrance.

A question about Ark Blake was raised – the Principal informed those present that as far as he was aware this was going to continue as planned with the building potentially ahead of schedule and that Blake was currently in its recruiting phase and had received a very positive admissions interest.


With 14 parents attending this was the best attended parent forum of the year, the 08:35 time slot seems to have been most successful. The Principal highlighted the change from “Newsletter” to news page and the auto translate feature seems to have raised awareness a small amount but opened the floor to alternative options but there were no hard and fast solutions proposed.

The Principal also reminded parents of the pending inspection and asked how they saw the possible spread of information regarding this should be best achieved. Again, there was no clear catch all strategy identified. Some parents volunteered to be potential “talk groups” for inspectors. If any parents feel strongly, they would like to be part of such a group should Ofsted request parent views beyond the parent view survey (link below) there will be a contact list brought together.

Questions from the Floor:

Term Dates:

When would these be available for 21/22 – Principal outlined the process as part of a much larger group of schools, Also, the complications of trying to merge these dates with Ark Blake – they should be available within a week or two.

Ark Blake:

Parents of Yr6 children present asked if there were to be any more prospective parent tours. The Principal was unaware of any but advised looking on the Ark Blake website and social media feeds.


Parents queried the cost and organisation of the Yr6 residential, the Principal highlighted the importance of residential experience as part of the building of cultural capital. However, the logistics of finding a place that takes space for 90 pupils (potentially) and also isn’t already fully booked after the folly of previous leadership allowing the bookings to lapse is extremely challenging and alternative options are being sought including the provision of an alternate programme for the current year 5s and 4s.

The meeting drew to a close with a thanks from the Principal for all who attended and submitted questions via email. If you wish to discuss any of the matters above, please contact t.martlew@arkovalprimary.org

The survey that Ofsted uses to collect information in advance of a visit is linked below. Thanks in advance.


Attendance Champions

96.1 ( +0.3% on National :-0.0 on last week )) Please try to get this back up as high as we can – dangerously close to dropping out the top ten schools in the network!

Earning them an extra break time…

KS1&Reception: Kahlo99.0%

KS2: Bevan – 99.8%


Punctuality Champions

Earning them an extra break time…

KS1&Reception: Fiennes

KS2: Franklin & Parks


Achievers of the Week


Be Brave

Be Resilient

Be Respectful

Be Honest

Aim High




































Dojo Champions – Exceptional Behaviour and Manners

Winning the Dojo Award for the week

KS1&Reception: Royce – Wonder - 68

KS2: Wanizah – Brunel - 52

Makaton Sign of the Week

Demonstrate the sign of the week for Mrs Desai and earn a Green Dojo!


The Coming Week (s)

Year 4 Library Night

The library will be open for parent on Friday – please feel free to bring younger siblings and anyone who wants to come and enjoy our library and borrow and enjoy books.


Can we ask all parents / carers to respect both road safety and our neighbours by not parking on the zig zag lines either side of the Zebra crossing and or in front of or on the driveways of houses in Cherry Orchard or Oval Road. Respecting traffic restrictions keeps our children safe and respecting private property / driveway access keeps our local community happy.


Early Reading Workshops

These are designed to support parent in an understanding of reading BEYOND phonics – please attend the 0830 OR 1600 session – in particular this will be useful to KS1, Yr3 and anyone new to school or country.


Parent Consultations.

Sign-up sheets will be available Mon day of next week.


Other Notices

Local Football

Eversley Rangers FC are looking for boys and girls to join their u9 team (Y3 & 4). They play in the Tandridge League, train on a Saturday with their matches on a Sunday. If anyone is interested please pop along to a Saturday training session - 1000 at Harvington Playing Fields, South Eden Park Avenue, Beckenham, BR3 3AT. Or call Amanda on 07981 741 929.