Our Week 21st - 25th September 2020

Sunday 27 September 2020

Principals Summary

Dear Parent and Carers,

The school has fallen into a healthy routine, and your new norm is established. Thanks to the hard work of the staff and you the parents, we have maintained all our bubbles for another week without issue. This is keeping us all safe, so please support your vigilance and patience in keeping us all safe in this testing period. 

Please keep social distancing at gates and in the lines and making sure that we are regularly sanitising on entry and exit of the school is crucial to our ongoing COVID security. We realise that we have been stringent in our approach and this isn't always an easy match with convenience. However, we have several highly vulnerable pupils and staff, as well as many families with members shielding or vulnerable we have to protect our community. Id also make the point its a lot more inconvenient if we have to shut a bubble for 14 days in the event of a positive test.

We will be issuing a letter regarding COVID security measures this week; please keep an eye out for this. 


COVID Plans:

Massive thank out to all the parents who have shown such great patience this week. The reopening has been a mostly positive experience, and we have overcome a few early teething issues and are now into the swing of "normality." If you want access to the full reopening document it: https://arkovalprimary.org/news/hello-videos-september-re-opening-handbo...  


CHANGES FOR MONDAY 28th September 

In case of raincoats can be worn into and out of school. Please remember as detailed in the reopening document due to COVID restrictions we have minimal staffing capacity. Therefore children WILL BE OUTSIDE AT BREAK AND LUNCH UNLESS THE WEATHER IS A SIGNIFICANT HAZARD. Make sure they have a coat with a hood, please.


Attendance Champions

95.4% Getting better every week!

Earning them an extra break time…

KS1&Reception: Dahl 100% 

KS2: Newton 98%

Achievers of the Week
Year 1  Zunnoon Ray Ryan Arohi Charlotte 
Year 2  Isabella  Royce Zara Rayan Sara
Year 3  Ilyas Keshawna Brie Shasish Rafaella
Year 4  Aliza Hafsa Thomas Tarini Evangalina
Year 5  Ayoki Stuti Luis Athrava Maya
Year 6  Moeez Jathniel Eleanor Aditi Omid
House Point Champions 



Makaton Sign of the Week

Demonstrate the sign of the week for Mrs Desai and earn a Green Dojo!


The Coming Week (s)

Meet the Teacher Meetings

These videos will be published on the website and then follow up questions can be asked via the year group email system. 


Year1@arkovalprimary.org -- https://arkovalprimary.org/news/year-1-meet-teacher

Year2@arkovalprimary.org -- https://arkovalprimary.org/news/year-2-meet-teacher

Year3@arkovalprimary.org -- https://arkovalprimary.org/news/year-3-meet-teacher



Year6@arkovalprimary.org -- https://arkovalprimary.org/news/meet-teacher-year-6 

Parents Curriculum Induction Evening 

This is published on the website for you to access here:


Yom Kippur 

Children will be learning about Yom Kippur. As part of our Religious Education curriculum - if anyone has any particular experiences artefacts that support this, we would be keen to hear from you.

30th September - Ark Oval Primary Academy Parent Association Opening Meeting 

If you are interested in forming part of the AOPAPA please join us using the following link:

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 977 5782 6423

Passcode: 1iHMFm

5th & 9th October Inclusion Coffee Morning – 0830 - 0900

This event will be hosted via Zoom or socially distanced in-person - details to follow. 

7th October Reception Phonics Workshop 1530 

This event will be hosted via Zoom or socially distanced in-person - details to follow.