Our Week - 25th-29th November 2019

Sunday 01 December 2019

Ark Oval Primary Academy – News of the Week

Principals Summary

Dear Parents and Carers,

The academy has enjoyed another successful week, as with every week at Oval we were busy on all fronts, academic, pastoral, extra-curricular and sporting. The rich educational life we provide our children with at Ark Oval reflects not only our core values of Aim High and Bravery but also reflects how the curriculum is constructed, the very spine of all we do at the academy is our curriculum. If you haven’t already checked it out have a look at our curriculum pages on the website so that you can see what and how we provide a broad and balanced provision for all our pupils.

We care deeply about our children having the knowledge and the skills to apply their learning as this is a fundamental of what education should provide but we are also attuned to ensuring we are nourishing the character of our pupils with an eclectic offer across the range of subjects and building WHO they are as much as WHAT THEY KNOW. To support us in achieving this we commit to a full programme of educational visits and experiences that enrich not only academic but personal character facets such as understanding and empathy. This week we welcomed a Palaeontologist, a “Blitz Experience Bus” and a visit to local wildlife parks to enrich and deepen our learning.

We thank all the parents who are so supportive in these endeavours and volunteer, support and help us build these core aspects for all our pupils.  

Attendance Champions

WHOLE SCHOOL ATTENDANCE: 96.7 (-0.0% on last week / +0.9% on National :))

What a response to last week! Huge thanks for the academy but most importantly – the pupils. Thank you to all the parents who have battled miserable mornings and colds, coughs, sneezes and winter ills to get their children into school and showing a huge commitment to the importance of education.

Earning them an extra break time…

KS1&Reception: O’Keeffe – 99.1% & Zephaniah – 99.1%

KS2: Curie – 100% & Wright – 100%

Punctuality Champions

Earning them an extra break time…

KS1&Reception: Fiennes, O’Keeffe and Dahl

KS2: Nobel

Achievers of the Week


Be Brave

Be Resilient

Be Respectful

Be Honest

Aim High








































Jennifer D

Fabian B



Dojo Champions – Exceptional Behaviour and Manners

Winning the Dojo Award for the week

KS1&Reception: Marwa 76 Green Dojos

KS2: Lilly 57 Wright

Makaton Sign of the Week

Demonstrate the sign of the week for Mrs Desai and earn a Green Dojo!



Our Week

School Dinner Choices

Please note that children should be signing up for meal choices on a half termly basis. This means that if they choose school dinner this is the choice for the entire half term there is to be no swapping to and fro with packed lunches. Equally if children sign up for packed lunch again this is a half termly choice, they cannot revert to School Dinner or chop and change within the week not even just for Fridays. As you can appreciate this is so that we know what the numbers will be for catering purposes.

Therefore, the Dinner register that is taken on Monday 28TH October will be the choice made until the 20th December. A new Dinner register will be taken for January to half term in February.


The academy enjoyed more brilliant experiences and trips this week – most notably Yr6 “Blitz Experience Bus”, a select group of students were supported in visiting the cinema for an enriching sensory experience,  Yr3-5 had an exciting morning with a Palaeontologist and his fossil collection and Reception went to Morden Hall Park.


The yr5&6 girls battled valiantly against Forest Academy but unfortunately lost 2-0 in a real nail biter as our first home fixture of the season. In particular an outstanding performance by the Oval defence lead by a strong individual performance from Rhianna in Yr6 but with a cohesive team approach they so nearly clinched our first elusive victory.

The Coming Week (s)

General Election

Please take note the academy is now going to be CLOSED on the 12th December as a polling station – the nativity and yr5/6 Winter Music festival and the 3rd Nativity show will take place on the 13th DECEMBER.

Netball fixture

Wednesday after school the Academy will be facing off against St. Johns at St. Johns at 3.30pm

Yr4 Fire brigade Visit & Yr6 Citizenship Day

As part of the academies learning around effective contributions to our local community as well as an eye towards preparation for the future phases of education and possibly careers the academy will have numerous visits this week from members of the public services to talk about their work and inform the children about how they can play an active and positive role in their community.

Human Rights

As part of the run up to next week’s International Human Rights Day the academy will be hosting a charity fronted by a group of international rights lawyers who will speak to Year 5 about their work in the sector but also how children’s awareness of their rights and the rights of others can play a part in the broadening of the recognition of universal human rights.

Year 4 Library Night

The library will be open for parent on Friday – please feel free to bring younger siblings and anyone who wants to come and enjoy our library and borrow and enjoy books.

Other Notices

Local Football

Eversley Rangers FC are looking for boys and girls to join their u9 team (Y3 & 4). They play in the Tandridge League, train on a Saturday with their matches on a Sunday. If anyone is interested please pop along to a Saturday training session - 1000 at Harvington Playing Fields, South Eden Park Avenue, Beckenham, BR3 3AT. Or call Amanda on 07981 741 929.