Our Week - 2nd - 6th November 2020

Sunday 08 November 2020

Principals Summary

This week we focus on remembrance. We remember that last week we lost one of our most dedicated and hardworking staff members. Ms Hussein sadly passed away from a long term illness last Saturday. We will be supporting staff, children and any parents this week in coming to terms with this. If any families wish to send marks of respect, please get in touch. 


We will also mark the Remembrance on Wednesday at 11 am - this is an essential part of our annual calendar and part of the fabric of what makes us a community. Sadly we will mark this moment not together as usual but separated in classrooms, but it will be appropriately marked. 


COVID Plans:

Thank you to the parents who have read the recent reopening letters and were aware that the morning gates for Yr1 - 6 now shut at 0835. We have given the grace to those who missed the update. That allowance will close at the end of this week. 


Attendance Champions




Year 4, 5 & 6 All above 96%!


Achievers of the Week

  Brave  Honest  Resilient  Aim High  Respect 
Reception  Gloria Kaninav Israelle Kristian Anaisha
Year 1  Mauris  Hassan Amira  Alya Ryan
Year 2  Walker  Gracie-May Leah  Yusuf Olivia 
Year 3  Lexi  Layla  Teliyah  Vamika  Chevonne
Year 4  Sky Feliks  Samir Shehla Samuel 
Year 5           
Year 6  Maria  Heidi  Lisa Daniela Ivan

House Point Champions 

After a hugely hard fought battle - 7 weeks and one INTENSE football tournament later MALUM HOUSE WINS BY LESS THAN 100 POINTS

They decided to choose baking as their housepoint reward.

Makaton Sign of the Week

Demonstrate the sign of the week for Mrs Desai and earn a Green Dojo!


The Coming Week (s)

Tuesday 10th November 

E-Safety Evening 1700 - 1740 

This will be broadcast on Zoom and will cover the basics of E-Safety and update you on the upcoming digital strategy. This will also have a Q&A element to discuss the topic. Please do not dismiss this as an irrelevant topic. Throughout lockdown, we have seen a MASSIVE spike in the number of cyber concerns raised from and about our children. This will be repeated in the new year and again in the Summer.

Parent Consultations

Please expect contact from your class teacher to arrange your parent consultation call for the Autumn term. This call will detail our recent assessment results, plans for gap closing activities and the wellbeing and attitudes of your child.


A huge well done to Mrs Thomas, who with much hard work and ingenuity has managed to get the library back to a shade of fully functioning and with a straightforward and safe operating procedure. Expect to see books coming home shortly.


Mathletics, Times Table Rock Stars and other remote learning logins will shortly be issued for home learning. We will expect you to complete this alongside 20 mins of home reading ready. We will soon be giving guidance for the brand new Seesaw programme we will be using to collate all of our home learning online.