Our Week 3rd - 7th May 2021

Sunday 09 May 2021

Principal's Summary

This week would have been KS2 SATS week - academically the definitive moment in primary education. A timely reminder that we are getting back to normality - but we aren't there yet. 

The SATs are academically definitive, but that does mean they define our children. If anything, this period has shown us that we are so much more than our academic outcomes. Resilience, ambition and self-reflection have been traits that kept us moving during this challenging period. These attributes are more than a set of academic scores as they set our children up for a successful life. 

LINE ETIQUETTE - Please respect each other and the requests of the school

  1. Please use the entirety of the arrival window DONT all arrive at 1520 
  2. Respect the line - don't push in - if you are causing an issue in the line, you are compromising the safety of the academy community. We will take the matter seriously. 
  3. Please wear a face-covering in the line unless you are exempt; it keeps us all safe.
  4. Please move through the site quickly and do not stop for social reasons or provide snacks or adjust clothing for your child. They can wait the 3 minutes until you are offsite; the people are waiting behind you in the line can not. 

COVID Plans:

Please ensure you inform us as quickly as possible if you keep your child out of school with suspected symptoms. 

As it stands, we have no pupils self-isolating, and the staff testing programme is in full swing. 

However, we are aware that in other parts of Croydon and nearby parts of other boroughs, the Brazillian strain has been identified, so keep vigilant.


Attendance Champions

Dahl – 99.1%

Parks – 98.2%

All the above will get an extra break time to enjoy this week.


Achievers of the Week


House Points 

Following last weeks 7 point spread the previously third place Malum forces it's way into the lead - but not by much... Ceresus retain the second place with another strong week but Pirum took their foot off the pedal followig last weeks first place. But with less than 100 points in it from third to first its all there to get.

The Coming Week (s)

Contact with staff

If you want to speak to a teacher, please contact them via the emails listed below OR contact via Seesaw 









Home Learning

The academy will be using home learning to support the pupils with the remainder of this years curriculum - we will be posting this on Seesaw weekly.


OPTIONAL Principal Q&A 

Following the discussion at the last meeting, these will now be BI-WEEKLY - remember attendance is optional.

Thursday 13th May - 1930 

Join Zoom Meeting 


Meeting ID: 976 3114 6708 

 Passcode: AnkVV8


Staff Addition 

You may already have encountered Ms Carnegie on the gates or around the school. We are pleased to have her with us as a member of the leadership team. She adds some additional capacity to help us provide a deeper level of pastoral support across a wider group of pupils. Im sure you will give her a warm Oval welcome.