Our Week - 8th - 12th March 21

Sunday 14 March 2021

Principals Summary

It has been truly amazing to have you all back with us. The school isn't the same without the vibrant and varied community we have onsite. 

Everything has gone to plan. Next week, we will begin the transition from routines, expectations and welfare focus to academic and learning readiness. The following two weeks will contain some assessments that will help us "range find" on where we stand. Then we can report the facts to you and make more detailed plans and adaptations to the curriculum and points of emphasis.

We will be keeping the next few weeks as basic and stable as possible so please support us in this by focusing on time keeping, attendance and communicating with the school. We are going to avoid any big dress up theme days or such like before Easter to make sure we are giving stability a chance.

COVID Plans:

Please ensure you inform us as quickly as possible if you keep your child out of school with suspected symptoms. 

As it stands, we have no pupils self-isolating, and the staff testing programme is in full swing. 

However, we are aware that in other parts of Croydon and nearby parts of other boroughs, the Brazillian strain has been identified, so keep vigilant.


Attendance Champions

TENZING CLASS - 100% attendance

ZEPHANIAH - 100% attendance 

GAUDI - 99.2% attendance 

All the above will get an extra break time to enjoy this week.


Achievers of the Week
Year group  Resilience  Bravery  Honesty  Respect  Aim HIgh 
Reception  Mathew  Gloria  Kaan  Seimae  Grace 
Year 1  Skylar Lina James Avi Ray
Year 2  Kyle  Walker  Alae Boubacar Ezekiel
Year 3  Artem  Faith  Alicia  Brie  Leah 
Year 4  Edson  Dario  Lilly  Matteo TJ
Year 5  Excellence Anthonia  Daisy S Ismaele  Kymarion 
Year 6  Summer  Barathi Jonathan  Kruz Luke 


Makaton Sign of the Week

Demonstrate the sign of the week for Mrs Desai and earn a House Point!

The Coming Week (s)

Parent Zoom

This is the general Q&A parent call there are no specific updates pending in this.

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