Our Week 9th - 13th November 2020

Sunday 15 November 2020

Principals Summary

The academy faced one of the most challenging situations we have ever encountered this week. The details of the experience I can not add to at this time, but I would like to comment on the actions of children and staff. The bravery of the team on the gate and across the site in carrying out our emergency action plan was exceptional and applauded by the Police, Borough education team and our Network. 

In all respects, our staff went above and beyond the call of duty, and I could not be prouder of their composure, dedication and determination. The children followed every direction to the letter and the well-rehearsed process. Thank you to the parents who have sent messages of support and kindness to staff these have meant a great deal to the staff and to me personally.

We will provide more information and and guidance on agree outcomes as we get it.

COVID Plans:

This week we lost the Year 2 bubble due to a positive return - the system we put in place had previously been untried, and this test has been a steep learning curve for parents, pupils and importantly staff. Lessons learned are being rolled forward as best we can to reflect what has been discovered in this period ready for the next positive. 

Any changes will be reflected in the remote learning policy listed on the website.


Bit of a dip this week - but to be expected - Year 4 continue their dominance of the attendance rankings. Year 1 need to catch up with the rest!

Achievers of the Week

  Respect  Resilient  Aim High  Honest Brave 
Reception  Kavin  Shatha  Karmen  Lilianna  Lily 
Year 1  Hazel  Sanai  Ayanssh Aaliya Safiyah 
Year 2  Helen  Mohamed Charlotte  D'Mai Harisha 
Year 3  Artem Sarah Berensu  Cavalli  Joudy
Year 4  Samuel  Samir  Shehla Feliks  Sky
Year 6  Ivan Lisa Daniela  Heidi Maria 

House Point Champions 

Malum surging to an early lead but Ceresus closing the gap.

Makaton Sign of the Week

Demonstrate the sign of the week for Mrs Desai and earn a House Point!


The Coming Week (s)

Parent Consultations

Please expect contact from your class teacher to arrange your parent consultation call for the Autumn term. This call will detail our recent assessment results, plans for gap closing activities and the wellbeing and attitudes of your child.


A huge well done to Mrs Thomas, who with much hard work and ingenuity has managed to get the library back to a shade of fully functioning and with a straightforward and safe operating procedure. Expect to see books coming home shortly.

Home learning 

Mathletics, Times Table Rock Stars and other remote learning logins will shortly be issued for home learning. We will expect you to complete this alongside 20 mins of home reading ready. We will soon be giving guidance for the brand new Seesaw programme we will be using to collate all of our home learning online.