Our Weeks 15th - 29th May 2020

Sunday 31 May 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

Im sure you have had quite enough of long involved letters and messages from us recently - so we will keep it short.

The academy is working up to welcoming as many children as possible back onto the site this week. We have had the entire school deep cleaned, and plans have been made to ensure everything is as safe and ready for those coming in the next two weeks. Remember we will be texting you soon to secure your places for the next phase of opening.

A huge thank you to all of you who continue to work so hard at home with the workbooks and remote learning resources - we understand the challenges that this presents and respect and thank you for your dedication to your children's learning through this difficult period. I will leave you with the words of our school song re-written by Frankie in Yr2...

Here I stand without my sisters and brothers
In a day full of opportunity
And the choices I make
All the challenges I face
To stay at home and save the NHS!
So I'm gonna be brave
With the courage of a lion
I'll never give up
To want to go outside
Respect and honesty
Begins with me
To stay at home and save more lives
And I'm gonna aim high
Gonna reach for the sky
I have the power in me
To change the world I see
For the better.

As ever stay safe and we look forward to welcoming you back to the academy.

Honest - Eric (Polo) - for displaying excellent manners and reflections on his home learning during the phone calls home.
Brave - Gabriel (Polo) - for continuing to demonstrate amazing home learning and focus while managing the challenges of the current climate.
Aim High - Mauris (Tenzing) - for following the stories on You Tube and in the book and beginning to read some of the words in the stories
Respectful - Saisha (Fiennes) - for trying her best to continue to work with greater independence and respecting the needs of her family.
Resilient - Louis (Fiennes) - who is keeping to his daily routine despite missing school very much.

Year 1:
Respectful: Nayesha - being respectful by helping her parents around the house and reading bedtime stories to her baby brother.
Brave: Khalid - always working hard and keeping a smile on his face even when he's not feeling 100%
Honest: Sia - being honest when speaking about missing school and her friends
Resilient: Royal - being resilient with his daily routines and working hard with his homework as well as helping mum around the house.
Aiming high: Samrath - Aiming high by making sure he does all his work and beating his high score on Mathletics.

Year 2:
Aiming high - Xenres (Dahl) - for staying positive and productive
Resilience - Martin (Dahl) -getting most of his tasks done.
Brave - Frankie (Zephaniah) - for sharing his own version of the school.
Respect - Sharon (Bloom) -always being polite to her teacher on the phone
Honesty (Bloom) -Ilyas being honest about what he is finding challenging

Year 3:
Zuzanna (Curie) - Brave -continuing to have a positive mindset and completing all schoolwork even when dealing with the challenges of lockdown.
Kyron (Curie) - Respect - for having a positive and respectful attitude to all the adults in his life, showing them that he is a caring person.
Zoe (Wright) - Aiming high - For writing a newspaper article based on habitat destruction and the impact on animal homes.
Matteo (Wright) - Resilience - for working hard on his handwriting and content of his writing over the last few weeks at home.
Harriet (Brunel) - Honest - For openly and honestly sharing her thoughts about not being able to go back to school yet but being positive about extra time she gets to spend with her mum.

Year 4:
Aiming high - Erik- by finding other ways to carry on his learning beyond the workbook
Resilient - Dalziel - by carefully taking care of his caterpillars until they turn into butterflies!
Brave - Tariq - by still sticking to his school work while fasting for Ramadan
Honest - Aarush for making a commitment to his learning each day and being honest about sticking to it.
Respectful - Eisa for making a lovely thank you poem for the staff at school

Year 5:
Resilient - Medina - Pankhurst: working hard to produce science work she was proud of, completely independently.
Aim high - Lisa - Working hard to create a fantastic meal for her family as part of her food technology learning.
Honesty - Aarush - Working hard to complete his own biography on Jeff Kinney and asking for feedback.
Brave - Lucas- for working hard to try and challenge himself with maths questions.
Respect - Faustus- for always being so polite over the phone