Our Week(s) 16th - 27th March

Sunday 29 March 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

The last couple of weeks has been one of the most surreal and challenging of not only the school's history but of our countries. Every day we step forth on previously uncharted territory and do our best with the information we have to make decisions and undertake actions we hope are for the best.

It is no overstatement to say the paths that we took and continue to take as a country, a community and individuals not only shape lives but can save lives. Quite clearly as a community, we are going to have to bear a load, grief and pressure that will be a heavy load to carry. But as the city has done before we will rally together and overcome these challenges.

Ark Oval has numerous parents who are instrumental in the fight against COViD-19, and the school is proud to support them however we can, staying open and ensuring their children are well looked after and given respite from the situation around us. The staff morale is high, and we, as a collective, are proud to serve our community at a time of great need. We will remain open for as long as we are required to be, and all the time we have staff able and willing to perform their duties.

Ark Oval is committed to supporting those in most need and as such has pushed ahead with programs to feed those eligible for free school meals and provide welfare and support for the most vulnerable however we can. Every pupil in the academy is phoned by their teacher or associated staff member every week to see how they are doing. The parent support section of the website contains updating resources to support home learning, and we continue to innovate and review how to give our children the best possible education in the current situation.

The academy is here to support you and please do not hesitate to contact us if we can help you. The check-in phone calls are more to make sure that any queries are answered and that we have the opportunity to keep a teacher/school/pupil/parent relationship going and a community connection. If for any reason, you have more urgent support needs or are unsure of how or where to get help when you need it in these challenging times - t.martlew@arkovalprimary.org.

PLEASE keep using the parental support section on the website https://arkovalprimary.org/life-school/parent-page this is where all learning will be posted.

Also please keep an eye on our social media pages Twitter - , Facebook and now (DRUMROLL PLEASE) YOUTUBE.

There will be an official launch tomorrow with full details. However, the academy has set up a remote learning platform with YouTube that will give you video phonics lessons, audiobooks and hopefully much more in the fullness of time. EDSupport - Ark Oval Primary Academy

Stay home, stay safe and together we are going to get through this.