Our Week(s) 6th - 17th April 2020

Friday 17 April 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

(Slide image - gratefully received PPE from Ark Oval to Croydon University Hospital)

The academy continues to move forward throughout this challenging time - apologies for the wait on the weekly email from last week. We have been waiting for a specific piece of paper from Ofsted and didn't want to bombard you with multiple pieces of information. 

Unfortunately due to the lockdown, Ofsted will not publish the report on their website until the academy reopens. Regrettably, this means we aren't allowed to publish the report on our website as this would contravene the restrictions on putting it into the public domain. 

However, somewhat strangely, we are allowed to provide you with a hard copy or email it to you. We will be emailing a copy to all held email addresses. 

This report was pivotal for the school - as some of you will know the academy had moved through a turbulent period from the previous inspection in 2016. However, it pleases me greatly to be able to say the belief and investment in the changes that we brought to the academy in September 2018 - high aspirations of pupils, high expectations of pupils by the pupils themselves and greater community involvement have paid marked dividends. 

The inspection was under Section 8 of the inspection framework; there were a few possible outcomes:

1. The academy was not meeting its statutory duties, and the inspection would shift to a full section 5 to downgrade to at least RI 

2. Good and declining - the academy while fulfilling all of its duties statutorily wasn't providing a good quality of education and must improve or would be at risk of downgrading. 

3. Remains good - this means the school is meeting all of its duties, providing a good quality of education and has met all of the requirements of the new inspection framework. 

4. Good and improving - if the school is seen to be consistently outstanding on the days observed, then the school can be placed in this category ready for inspection for an upgrade to Outstanding at the next review. 

This review was a solidly good experience for the academy and was conducted thoroughly and fairly. The hard work paid off, and the report is a reflection on all the efforts made by staff, parents and children to make Oval a great school again. We did as well as we possibly could and will be set up to ensure that the next phase of development at the academy is a focused path to bringing us to the very top. 

We can now say with full confidence we have a school the pupils and the community deserve. However, as with all things, we mustn't rest on these plaudits but keep a refreshed and open eye on what still needs to happen to Strive for Excellence in all that we do. 



 Chapter book of the week: Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl (Read by Mr Martlew) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3luZWy5-HAA&t=5s

 The short story of the week: The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle (Read by Mr Duffy)  https://youtu.be/jHDKuK2aIk4 

 Plus a whole load of fantastic phonics videos produced by our ever-brilliant Mrs Thomas that can be accessed here. Please make full use of our parental support page to access the remote learning workbooks, contact details for staff and links to all our videos.