Principal's Update - WC 11th January 2021

Sunday 17 January 2021

Dear Parents and Carers, 

We will keep the weekly update this week as short as possible. We recognise fully that your time is precious during this period. As such a huge thank you to the parents who came to the weekly parent community meeting last Wednesday. We intend to make this a fixture for the foreseeable future to give you a chance to catch up with any information or clarify the situation as we understand it. By no means is attendance at the weekly meeting mandatory, and we will still answer emails etc. as usual. Quite often, the position of us providing "answers" feels somewhat fraudulent as we find everything out the same time you do! However, as long as we maintain this collaborative mindset and support each other, we will come through this challenging period better than alone. 

The academy passed a significant milestone this week. We successfully allocated and safely issued 132 laptops to parents to facilitate remote learning - more will arrive at some point from the Department for Education. We will work through the remainder of the list as quickly as possible once we have the means - we aim for every child in KS2 to have 1-1 device access. 

Following on from last weeks community meeting, I have raised the general frustration with the lack of KS1 Microsoft Teams logins. Following a discussion with the network head of IT, there will be a more formal discussion regarding a change of strategy. It is unlikely we will move to the same live lesson structure as KS2. Still, we may be able to accommodate some additional "class time".



Support Remote Learning - 1630 & 1730 Monday 18.1.21

Feel free to attend one of these workshops and parents support sessions are run by Miss Sharma and Mrs Downey. We will repeat these in the future.

1630 Meeting 

1730 Meeting 


Ark Oval Primary Academy - Weekly Parent/Principal Meeting Wednesday 20.1.21

Weekly parent/Principal meeting - not mandatory but you are very welcome.