Staff in the News

Sunday 01 December 2019

For those of you who have not had the chance to keep up with the educational press we have a pleasant surprise...

For those who are regular readers of the TES (Times Educational Supplement) and followers of regular blogs on education - you may have recognised a familiar name.

Our very own Deputy Head - Quality of Education Miss Sharma has recently been featured in several publications as a columnist and commentary writer. I’m sure you will join me in congratulating her and applauding the role model that she is providing for the pupils and staff at Ark Oval and beyond.

If you are keen to access this material the links are below.

Ark Online Blog -

TES article -


Also not to be outdone our Governor Mr Rich Davies has his own series of newsworth articles...

Data visualisation in education - /top-10-data-visualisations-for-schools-2bbb50244bc7">

Grade Boundary debate in secondary -/making-the-grade-4b57c2284142">

We are equally proud of the pair of them and are sure that it will not be long before we have other staff and children ready to celebrate as bringing something published to a national stage!