To download our Parent and Carer code of Conduct policy click here.

PDF iconParent and Carer code of Conduct policy 2015-2016.pdf

In the classroom

Students are expected to meet the following expectations:

  • Arrive to class on time and make every effort to attend every day
  • Line up and enter room on teacher request - silently
  • Sit where the teacher requires them to sit
  • Take out the necessary materials immediately 
  • Exhibit STAR behaviour – Sit up straight, track the speaker, ask and answer questions, respect others by waiting
  • Listen carefully, without calling out
  • Join in during lessons, respecting the views of others
  • Actively participate in your learning by thinking and contributing
  • Refrain from talking to classmates unless it is part of a class activity
  • Wait until after class to discuss (in a respectful manner) a disagreement about behaviour with the teacher—absolutely no arguing in class
  • Stay on task during class activities
  • Refrain from eating or chewing gum
  • Follow the school procedure for requesting and going to the toilet.
  • Refrain from sitting on tables or desks and from putting feet on chairs
  • Refrain from disrupting the order and learning atmosphere of the class
  • Come to class in full uniform
  • Follow the correct procedure for finishing lessons and exiting the classroom
  • Before school, at playtime and after eating the mid-day meal, refrain from the classroom unless the weather is bad, or unless instructed by a member of staff
Around the Academy

Students are expected to adhere to the following expectations throughout the academy:

  • Discourage conflict between other students
  • Use appropriate voice level inside the building and on the play spaces
  • Respect other students, their work and belongings.
  • Follow established school routines (e.g. lining up for lunch, appropriate behaviour in the dining hall, etc.)
  • Always walk in the school building.
  • Refrain from chewing gum
  • Refrain from eating except in the dining hall or outside dining area.
  • Follow the uniform policy while on school grounds
  • Refrain from climbing walls, gates and fences.
  • Exhibit calm, orderly behaviour inside the building
  • Keep the school clean

When pupils leave school they should depart immediately from the school site and not congregate outside or around the school. The Academy’s Code of Conduct applies to all pupils when they are in school uniform, either inside or outside the academy.  When using public transport and when in the local neighbourhood pupils should remember that they are representatives of the academy at all times.