An Introduction to our Behaviour Systems for Parents Pupils (1).pdf

Ark Oval Primary Academy Rules within School Code of Conduct 
• Arrive at school by 8:15-8:45 and make every effort to attend every day.

• Greet all adults with eye contact and with a good morning / afternoon.

• Wear the correct uniform smartly throughout the day.

• Move around the school safely, calmly and with hushed voices.

• Exhibit STAR behaviour – Sit up straight, Track the speaker, Ask and answer questions, Respect others by waiting

• Be polite, kind and respectful to all children and adults.

• Respect the views of others.

• Respect other students, their work and belongings.

• Be an active learner by engaging with the activities set by the teacher.

• Maximise learning time by working at a steady pace to the best of your abilities.

• Follow instructions respectfully and promptly.

• Be considerate of those around you by adjusting the volume of your voice accordingly.

• Be silent when requested and take turns to listen and speak.

• Show respect for own learning and that of others.

• Work independently unless asked otherwise.

• Ask for help only when needed.

• Explain learning to help and support classmates during collaborative activities. 

• Put away anything not required for the lesson.

• Maintain concentration by avoiding all distractions.

• Follow established school routines (e.g. lining up for lunch, appropriate behaviour in the dining hall, requesting and going to the toilet etc.)

• If spoken to regarding inappropriate behaviour be gracious by maintaining positive body language and changing conduct.

• Always complete homework on time and to an excellent standard.

• If absent from school / fallen behind, please catch up with learning.

• Do not bring chewing gum to school and only eat at designated times.

Ark Oval Primary Academy Rules The School & the Local Community Code of Conduct
In the academy and the local community, children will do whatever it takes to help create a safe academy and local community which respects the rights of others.

• Listen to all members of staff and follow instructions respectfully and promptly.

• Be polite, kind and respectful to all children and adults at all times (never insult, undermine or swear at anyone).

• Discourage conflict between other students

• Walk in single file lines around the school. Used hushed voices and look where you are going.

• Go and return to classrooms, learning spaces or toilets sensibly and promptly and with adult permission.

• Only leave school when dismissed by name by the teacher.

• Stay with Parent / Carer and make way home in an orderly and responsible way.

• Show respect to members of our community including peers, staff, parents, transport staff and members of the public by speaking politely and with consideration.

• Show respect to others while on public transport by using polite, quiet voices.

• Show respect for the local community by obeying shop rules, never dropping litter, spitting, defacing or trespassing on private property. Each child to acknowledge they are an ambassador for the academy.

• Use the Internet, mobile and computer devices safely and in accordance with UK child protection laws.

• Understand that there will be consequences if the Code of Conduct is not observed