Toby MartlewI am proud to be a part of Ark Oval Primary Academy, a school that represents its local community and works tirelessly to ensure that children, parents and staff all maximise their full potential.

Our mission to ensure that all children have the opportunity to attend university or pursue a career of their choice is incredibly important. This is something that we keep at the forefront of our minds every day, through our school values – Be Brave, Be Resilient, Be Honest, Aim High and Be Respectful. 

Staff, children and the parents all have an important part to play in ensuring that Ark Oval pupils become fully engaged, responsible, sensitive and reflective citizens. Our expectation is that everyone is focused on achieving the best possible outcome for your child, allowing them to Aim High in every aspect!

That starts with commitment to the school, to being an active part of the school community, to maintain and model the high expectations the academy sets for engagement, behaviour, dress and attendance, because these are the very building blocks for your child’s future success.

We are committed to do whatever it takes to provide a balanced, well-rounded and holistic education for your child, with not only a focus on the academics but fostering sports, arts, spiritual, personal and social skills, a life-long love of learning and providing pupils with the fundamental knowledge and skills they require to succeed in whichever path they choose.

Toby Martlew

Principal, Ark Oval Primary Academy





GDPR - Parent and Pupil (Under 12's) Privacy Notices as below and reissued within the Autumn Term Handbook September 2022 

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